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cosmelan® is the integral professional depigmentation method for your spots.


It treats the problem from its origin, removing spots and preventing their reappearance.



The cosmelan® method consists of 4-phases which are necessary to achieve the target outcome. Intense depigmentation in cabin in phase 1 and treatment for home use in phases 2, 3 and 4.

Its online sale is not allowed and must be applied in aesthetic consultation. 

The synergistic action of all the method products ensures: higher depigmenting efficacy, greater comfort during treatment and lower risk of repigmentation.


- corrective action: it removes the deposits of melanin, a pigment that gives color to the spot in the outermost skin layers

- regulating action: it acts directly in the melanocyte, a cell where melanin is produced, to control its production and keep hyperpigmentation under control


Over 1 million patients. A long track record guarantees the efficacy of cosmelan® method.

Thousands of professionals treat hyperpigmentations with cosmelan® method and recommend it to their patients.

It treats the problem from its origin, removing spots and preventing their reappearance.

is effective against all types of spots of melanin origin, all types of skins and ethnicities.


The cosmelan method pack contains:

Product for professional office use, in phase 1:
- oil removing solution: oil removing solution.
- cosmelan 1: intensive face mask.

Products for home use in phases 2, 3 and 4, cosmelan home pack:
- cosmelan 2: home depigmenting cream that intensifies the results of cosmelan 1, keeping melanin production under control and preventing the appearance of  new spots.
- melan recovery: soothing and restorative balm for sensitive, reddened skin. Helps soothe the skin and restore its balance and comfort during treatment with cosmelan.
- melan130 pigment control: sunscreen with color for pigmentation control. Protects the skin from broad-spectrum solar radiation and helps control skin pigmentation.

Cosmelan Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for treatment

 - Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

 - Stop the use of Exfoliants or scrubs.

 - Evaluate your prescriptions. 

 - Do not plan a chemical peeling close to an event ( except for Party peelings which are designed for exactly this purpose ).

- Make sure your skin is not tanned

- Avoid medications such antibiotics, Retin-A

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