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Intim Hyperpigmentation

Gynaeco-aesthetic treatments have experienced a growing worldwide demand and have become one of the fastest growing disciplines, due to women searching for solutions to correct imperfections in the intimate area.

Intimate hyperpigmentation is a growing concern. The negative impact on the patient's physical and psycho-emotional well-being is leading to increasing consultations in daily gynaecological practice.

Pigmentation in the intimate area is multifactorial in origin: the ageing of tissue, a genetic predisposition and external factors, such as rubbing of the skin, depilation, wearing tight clothing and hormonal changes (due to using contraceptives, pregnancy, etc.), can cause the intimate area to darken.

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To give you best result possible, we offer a wide range of treatments specially designed to treat hyperpigmentation in such sensitive area.


Depending on the treatment we chose, after consulting you ( free of charge ) we'll decide together the most suitable treatment. 

*Results may vary depending on the used method and your body response to the treatment.

Prices starts from 190.-CHF / session up to 1099.-CHF / session. All depends on the treatment we choose.

For some procedures, follow up treatments might be needed while for others one treatment is enough to lighten your intim area.

CHAT with us and we'll be happy to schedule free of charge consultation

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