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Mesoéclat is a powerful, rapid-acting skin rejuvenation treatment developed by world renowned skin company Mesoestetic. The Mesoéclat method has been specifically designed to stimulate the production of body’s natural defences and cell generation mechanisms which aid in fighting against the signs of fatigue and ageing, resulting in brighter, softer and more uniform looking skin.

Mesoéclat has been designed as a safe method to activate the skin's natural healing process which kick start the production of collagen and cell regeneration. Perfect for fighting signs of fatigue, ageing, uneven skin tone and dullness, this 5 part treatment plan guarantees a bright and healthy glow.

Mesoéclat treats:

- Wrinkles & Fine Lines

- Pigmentation & Sun Damage Reduction

- Uneven Skin Texture

- Dullness

- Rejuvenation & Collagen Production

- Scarring

For optimal results, the Mesoéclat system requires 5 treatments with 2 weeks downtime in-between. While results will be experienced after one session, you should see the below improvements to your skin at different stages according to the recommended treatment plan:
Treatment 1: Visibly younger skin.
Treatment 2: Greater luminosity.
Treatment 3: Wrinkles fade.
Treatment 4: Skin softer, smoother and even. 
Treatment 5: Decrease in skin imperfection.

Mesoéclat Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for treatment

- Avoid Accutane in the six months prior treatment

- Do not use topical agents that may increase sensitivity of your skin ( retinoids, exfoliants, antibiotics, acids ) 7 days prior treatment.

- Do not take anti-inflamatory medication 5 days prior treatment

- Avoid IPL, laser or sunburn procedures 2 weeks before treatment

- No waxing, depilatory creams or electrolysis to the treated area 5-7 days prior

- Do not shave one day prior treatment to avoid irritation

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