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Shake, apply & go. Spray for localised cellulite treatment. Helps to reduce waist, abdominal, thigh and hip measurements.

93% of women are concerned about their appearance and work to improve it.
78.2% of people consider caring for their physical appearance to be necessary even if requires some effort.
Over 70% of the population has on some occasion felt bad about their body.

Bodyshock reduce & go

CHF 99.50Price
  • L-Carnitine - A transporter of fatty acids (lipids) to the mitochondria, in charge of energy production of the cell. Fats are released and burned in the power plants. (mitochondria). Prevents the accumulation of fats, which is what we call “orange-peel skin” and/or cellulite.

    Caffeine - Helps to accelerate the metabolism for burning fat. Topically, it's action is local, with a systemic effect, therefore acting on the lipolysis of adipose tissue*.

    Niacinamide - This is vitamin B3 favours energy consumption. Improves the cellular metabolic function and helps to retain the skin's elasticity. In this case, niacinamide helps to maintain muscle tone.

    Stem Svelt® - Slimming and anti-cellulite concentrate rich in silybin, it is a polyphenol derived from the milk thistle plant (silybum marianum). Limits the differentiation of adipocyte stem cells / progenitors. Reduces fat storage.

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