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Facial serum with a lifting effect that reactivates collagen synthesis, with tightening and redensifying action. Treats loss of firmness and wrinkles, improving the quality and strength of the skin tissue. The skin recovers its vitality and elasticity, pores close and wrinkles are smoothed.

Collagen 360º Essence

CHF 98.00Price
  • - Enriched marine collagen - Maintains the amino acid level and stimulates the formation of new collagen.

    - Chronosmart peptide - Detects the skin’s needs at all times, synchronizing skin cell biorhythms for 24-hour, intelligent anti-aging action. By day, its action awakens the skin, boosting its self-protection potential, and by night, it increases the skin's ability to repair and renew itself.

    - Peptide complex - Stimulates the genes involved in the process of renewing the dermal matrix.

    - Hydroxyprolisilane - Activates collagen and elastin production, increases cell proliferation and improves repair processes.

    - Nicotinamide - Powerful antioxidant. Helps unify the skin tone.

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