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Its concentrated formula boosts night repair mechanisms and accelerates antioxidant defences to prevent and counteract skin aging.

melatonin ampoules is an intensive antiaging night treatment that  favours the skin regeneration process to counteract the action of external aggressions during the day and prevent and correct the effects of skin ageing. Its concentrated formula has a synergistic action as it boosts night-time repair processes and accelerates antioxidant defence mechanisms. Its rich texture leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable. 

It is presented in individual ampoules that contain the optimum amount of ingredients for each application. Its dark glass format, packaged in a sterile atmosphere, offers maximum security and ensures that the properties of the formula are perfectly preserved over time.

Melatonin ampoules

CHF 62.50Price
  • Melatonin - Promotes specific cellular repair and regeneration mechanisms by the effect it has on the night-time rhythms of cutaneous tissue and the endogenous antioxidant defence systems.

    Glutathione - A highly antioxidant tripeptide that is present inside the cells and is capable of eliminating toxins and protecting the tissues from the oxidation produced during the day by external aggressions.

    Superoxide dismutase (SOD) - An antioxidant enzyme that protects epidermal cell membranes against the action of free radicals.

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