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Mesoestetic Stem Cell professional treatment is a specialized facial therapy designed to reverse cell regeneration of your skin. For your skin to be maintained in good condition, skin cells have to be renewed constantly as they are responsible for regeneration of the skin. As your skin ages the skin stem cell activity slows down resulting in the skin losing its tone and gaining deep wrinkles.

Stem Cell Mesoestetic


Mesoestetic Stem Cell professional treatment involves introducing to the skin a high concentration of plant stem cells, specifically formulated to reverse cell regeneration, strengthen the connective tissue structure and improve skin quality and texture.

Similar to a normal facial, the stem cell facial therapy is pain free with no downtime. The results are immediate and long lasting.

Treatment is suitable for ALL TYPES OF SKIN.

Stem Cell Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for treatment

As it is a non-invasive treatment does not require any preparation prior treatment

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